Heat Players Hold A 20 Minute Player-Only Meeting After Losing To Mavericks

“I think when you’re in situations like these and around guys all the time, you need to be honest with each other. Just talk and put our foot down about the season and put it in minds that we’re better than this, and we’re going to do better than this.” – Chris Bosh

Guess this wasn’t part of the plan after that Rock Star-style Introduction this summer. The Miami Heat with a 9-8 record (1-7 against teams who actually win) held a players-only meeting tonight in Dallas after a106-98 loss that wasn’t even as close as the score indicates.

“It was a well-needed team meeting where everybody got an opportunity to get off what they had in their chest or what they had in their head about us figuring things out,” James said. “Right now we are a 9-8 team and we have to own up to that. Does our record speak of what team we can become? No, I don’t think so. We’re 9-8 because we’ve been playing like that and we have to figure things out, which we will”

Chris Bosh had words with Carlos Arroyo on the court, Lebron “accidently” bumped into Coach Spolestra turning a time out

One thing is clear, the notion that this would be like those Olympic teams where the All-Stars just blended together and dominated seems a fairytale at this point. Maybe the ease with which it worked during the Olympics fooled someone. Lebron isn’t looking like he respects the Coach, DWade obviously has a lot of history with him (Coach Spo) so his issues seem to lay elsewhere (and only seem to show up when he and Lebron are on the court together) As of late Bosh has been the best of the trio. Perhaps this could be the part of the story where the team makes a dramatic change, the “turn around”. Meanwhile The Cavs are a comfortable 7-9 as the December 2nd return of Lebron is fast approaching.

“I never would put anything on the coach, win, lose or draw because they can give us the game plan, but they are not on the court playing,” Wade said. “I think with this team, especially with the IQ of this team, we are smart enough to make adjustments on the floor. I don’t think we are doing that as much as we want to. Now is the time to take ownership that this is our team, even though we respect our coaches for what they do.”