Were Michael Strahan & Nicole Murphy Cheating On Each Other?


Over the weekend, news broke of NFL Analyst and daytime TV talk show host Michael Strahan’s break up with his fianceé Nicole Murphy. The timing of it seemed suspicious, it came right before Strahan’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Per TMZ, the reason behind the timing was because Michael had been cheating on Nicole, and she got proof right before his big day.

Typical athlete or Hollywood circumstance, right? But now comes the twist. Seems as if Nicole was doing a little cheating of her own. Weeks before Nicole supposedly had proof of Michael’s cheating, she was allegedly doing her own sampling out in Puerto Rico with former NBA player Jim Jackson.

Nicole claims that she and Michael were on a “break,” and that she simply ran into Jimmy while there.

I can’t make out who is who in these photos. But, we know in the 90’s Jim’s eye for other people’s ladies is allegedly the reason why the Dallas Mavericks back court of Jackson and Jason Kidd broke up because Jackson snatched singer Toni Braxton from Kidd.

Let’s just call that vintage tea your Wayback Wednesday update.