Adam “Pacman” Jones Has Beef With Ludacris [Photo]

Some people can’t take a joke. Or an internet meme. Today’s example, Bengals CB Adam “Pacman” Jones is in training camp right now, and while I’m certain he’s buried in practices, meetings and playbooks, everybody finds a bit of time for the “Gram.”

Tuesday, rapper Ludacris posted a photo with the hashtag, #nowThatsLudacris. It’s something he frequently does and the corresponding photo is usually something offbeat. This time he posted a photo of a heavyset women in a pool that’s being supported by a man whose face is obscured, and then included a photo of Pacman with a neck brace.


Well Pacman didn’t like that and told Luda he’s getting a fade on sight…


The neck brace photo is from is from 2010 when Pacman suffered a season ending injury. I guess he’s still sensitive.