Warriors Steph Curry the new face of Express Men


Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry is now the face of Express Men. Steph becomes the first male ambassador for Express in its 30-year history.

Check out Steph’s thoughts on his personal style, if he has a stylist, and who he feels spends too much time in the mirror on the Warriors.

What are you most comfortable wearing?

I wear a suit from time to time. Mostly it’s an effortless style kind of thing. Really easy. I don’t try to overthink it, and I have a lot of help at home [nodding towards his wife Ayesha.] In the last three years I’ve slimmed my look a lot.

What made Express the right fit for your brand?

It’s a brand I’ve worn for a long time, even without a professional affiliation. When I first got to the league, me and my wife would go shopping for my game looks, I didn’t have a stylist or anything, and Express was one of my staple stores. When they called, it made perfect sense.

Still no stylist?

Unofficially. My wife’s best friend is a stylist and she’s come down to the Bay and we’ve gone shopping. She helps me out a little bit.

Are there any dudes on the team who spend a little too much time in front of the mirror?

We used to have one, Toney Douglas was like that. He’s not on the team anymore, but he’d spend an hour getting dressed. For the most part everybody’s pretty normal. Andre Iguodala probably has the most extreme style day to day. He’s the guy that stands out. We don’t have too many guys feeling themselves.

And he has one of the deadliest shots in the L, plus a cute wife to go along with it.


photo via Express