VH1 Football Wives Cast Revealed

Are you ready for the next round of Reality “Wives”?? October 24th at 10:30 PM VH1 will officially debut Football Wives.

Here are the cast details:

Pilar Sanders

  • Pilar Sanders, married to Deion Sanders, all-pro cornerback, retired

Amanda Davis

  • Amanda Davis married to Leonard Davis, guard, Dallas

Chanita Foster

  • Chanita Foster, married to George Foster, tackle, UFL

Brittany Pigrenet

  • Brittany Pigrenet, girlfriend of David Buehler, kicker, Dallas

Dawn Neufeld

  • Dawn Neufeld, married to Ryan Neufeld, tight end, UFL

Melani Ismail

  • Melani Ismail, married to Rocket Ismail,  receiver, retired
  • Erin McBriar, married to Mat McBriar, punter, Dallas

Mercedes Nelson

  • Mercedes Nelson ex-girlfriend of a star player, Dallas

Clearly the Team connection is The Dallas Cowboys and once again you see a league unwilling to have it’s brand firmly attached to the “Wives” franchise.  I hope it’s as enjoyable as Basketball Wives was or half as much as The Game (TV show) is! Sunbeams UNITE!!!