Vanessa Ramirez: In her own words: “Basketball Wives” Season 1

If you were like me, you watched episode 7 of season one of VH1’s Basketball Wives and were completely confused about the stalker situation with Evelyn Lozada. Who is this Vanessa person, and why would she do such horrid things??? We never really understood how this “situation” unfolded.

I caught up with Vanessa Ramirez to hear her thoughts on the events, her next move, and her relationship with Susie now.

JM: What happened? How did you end up at lunch in that conversation??

VR: I was asked by the producers of Shed Media to meet up with my “friend” Suzie Ketchem for lunch. At that point, I explained to producers that I had mid-terms and that I would not be able to fly to Miami; they explained that they were in LA and would work around my schedule. Producers told me not to call Suzie as they wanted it to be a surprise.

I met with them the following day, and the episode is pretty much how it all went down.
They edited half of what happened out. Suzie first accused me of telling Gloria Govan she was a bad mother.

I have only met Gloria Govan once while she was pregnant. I respect her and her husband very much; however, I never talked to Gloria about Suzie or her children. Since I wouldn’t argue with Suzie, Evelyn started to accuse me of cyberstalking her, texting her, calling her, etc. Her accusations were so far from the truth that I told her then to give me a lie detector test. I have nothing to hide from Evelyn.

I have since found out from TMZ that Evelyn filed a lawsuit against me. I have not been served. However, I am preparing to counter-sue. I received a call from an anonymous person willing to send me text messages, emails, and other things that will help prove to the courts that her information was first sent to Antoine Walker.
Antoine is a very close friend to my husband and to me, so with his blessing, I will take this as far as I have to.

I have spoken to him and have his blessing to do what I have to do to prove that I am not the one behind the so-called “stalking” attacks.

JM: What’s your relationship with Suzie like since this happened? Do you hold her responsible for any of it?

VR: I haven’t spoken to her since this happened. Her coming on this show has made her into a real monster. She not only hurt me but hurt my kids in the process. I never told anyone that she was a bad mother.

Now, if you asked me today, I would be completely honest. I’d challenge her to a day in her life without a Nanny.  She wouldn’t last a week. Then you all could answer that yourself.

JM: Do you have any idea who was harassing Evelyn?

VR: You know, I actually do think I know who might be responsible. Had Evelyn come to me and asked me, she would have found out the truth. At this point, I have no sympathy or loyalty to her. I am coming after her for defamation, assault, and slander. The thing about it is I have actual proof. I have things she’s tweeted about, fake pages on Twitter she’s made, and most importantly, a whole season of Basketball Wives to prove to a court that she has accused the wrong person.

Seriously, how in the world would I get her naked pictures? I live in Los Angeles. It’s a really unfortunate situation. But I’m ready to get served so I can file my counter-suit. I won’t drop this until the truth comes out, and unfortunately, the names of other famous people will be revealed so that I can make sure the world knows who Evelyn really is.

JM: Will you be on season two of the show?

VR: As of right now, I highly doubt it. I am joint venturing into several businesses and am a full-time student. I’ve been working with Anika Lopes and her line of hats. She is better known for accessorizing Usher. In addition to that, I’m starting a rejuvenation spa. Although it would be a fun experience, I think I’ve had enough of the craziness that comes with this show.

WHOA! This looks like it will stretch out into season 2 of the show. I hope the truth comes out!  I’d be out to clear my character too if this was the last image you saw of me on TV.

Good luck, Vanessa!