Basketball Wives Finale Recap

It’s taken me a minute to write my recap. I think the finale left me a little flat. As noted in my Sneak Peek, I was glad to finally hear Shaunie’s voice on the whole “Laura/Gloria” situation.

I’m torn as I respect the way Gloria handles herself in confrontation. I also understand her standing up for family. But her condescending manner is what causes me to feel she deserves the push back from the ladies.

**Bonus** Matt Barnes twitter messages to the Ladies:

Gloria might also want to let her fiance, know that going after the ladies on Twitter doesn’t make him look like he’s holding Gloria down, it makes him look like a petty {female Dog} Considering he’s opting out of his contract this summer (that starting role didn’t belong to him anymore anyway) he probably should focus all his energy to free agency…. Just a suggestion

Hopefully season 2 puts an end to the “Royce Bashing” that sprinkled every episode. It was overdone and outside of the situation with Gloria that seemed to have real teeth and a true reason to bite, the others (Evelyn) just looked bitter complaining about her.

I hope Jennifer and her husband work it out. I started out not really being a fan of hers but she won me over. Plus her fashion game is pretty sick! Always a PLUS!!

The ratings were down for the finale (they probably should’ve held off until after the holiday) but season 2 is A GO!!!! The reunion show airs June 20th, By now you’ve heard Sandra AKA Plastic Surgery was the special guest and Suzie was arrested for assault! Oh YEAH we love it!!

Be sure to check my interview with Vanessa Davis (Evelyn’s alleged stalker) to get her version of the events!