Vanessa Bryant sparks “good hair” debate on Instagram


Looks as if Vanessa Bryant slipped and inadvertently started a “good hair” controversy on Instagram. Vanessa and Kobe’s eldest daughter Natalia celebrated her 12th birthday on Sunday. Vanessa posted a photo of Natalia getting her hair blown out with a caption that has some IG commenters up in arms.

Vanessa said Natalia gets her pretty her from mom. Perhaps because Vanessa is Mexican raising black – or biracial depending on your views on this topic – daughters, she didn’t realize the sensitivity about hair in the black community.


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What Vanessa doesn’t realize is that by listing out her racial make up, and excluding her husband’s side, she is inadvertently implying that nowhere in his family tree is there someone with “long, wavy hair” that could have contributed to this.

I’m going to take her at her word. That she didn’t mean anything disrespectful by it but, its a sensitive topic.