Boxer Sugar Shane Mosley explains why he didn’t put the paws on Trey Songz for snatching his girl


They don’t call singer Trey Songz “Mr. Steal your girl” for nothing. “Popular” girls, always demand the attention of athletes, singers and actors. Recently, there was a report claiming Trey had a fling with boxer Sugar Shane Mosley’s ex-girlfriend Bella Gonzalez.

If you don’t remember Bella, she became extremely popular with boxing fans a few years back when she was ringside cheering her boo on as he lost.

Mosley believes the party responsible for the leak, was his ex-Wife Jin, who he claims is looking to get some buzz for her new Bravo reality show. Shane decided he wanted to explain why he didn’t put the paws on Trey.

“Sugar” Shane Mosley says Trey Songz DID in fact bang his ex-girlfriend — but not while they were together … which is why he’s got NO beef with the singer.

Mosley just issued a statement about reports that Songz was nailin’ a stripper named Bella behind Sugar Shane’s back … saying it just ain’t true — but if it was “he would be knocked out like most anyone else who ever stepped to me.”

Mosley explained, “Yeah she was a stripper, year I was stupid to date her, but she was single when she was f**king with Trey. We didn’t live together so she can do what she wants.”

Shane says he DOES have a problem with his ex-wife Jin — who now stars on the Bravo reality show “Friends to Lovers” — insinuating that SHE leaked the story to the media to humiliate him.

“Nice try Jin. Take your dumb ass show and kick rocks. Thirsty ass.”

You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.