Unauthorized Allen Iverson Biography Paints Him As Alcoholic Abuser


Allen Iverson has been a big topic again lately. Easily one of the greatest small guards in the history of the NBA, Iverson was often a polarizing figure during his NBA tenure.

A new unauthorized biography by journalist Kent Babb entitled, Not a Game: The Incredible Rise and Unthinkable Fall of Allen Iverson claims that AI spent most of his career as an irresponsible drunk away from the court. He even says that “The Answer” was  drunk during his infamous 2002 “practice” rant.

Here are a few other revelations via DeadSpin:


I feel like anyone who has closely followed AI’s career shouldn’t be shocked by any of this. I also understand the complexities it brings as a fan. When you love an athlete’s talent, or as is the case with AI, the culture shift he represented in addition to his game, it’s difficult to deal with the fact that they might not be a great person away from the court. Is it ok to still love AI and what he did for the game of basketball, but not agree with some of his life choices? Is selective fandom a thing?