Britney Griner And Glory Johnson-Griner Are Adding To Their Family



Plot twist. Newlyweds Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson-Griner just announced a new addition to their household.

Glory is pregnant. She posted the news on Instagram. Of course you’re thinking two things; 1. Natural or insemination and 2. Was she pregnant during the April altercation when she and Britney were both arrested?


“We are excited for Glory and Brittney and wish them the best in the upcoming year with the birth of their first child,” Shock president Steve Swetoha said.


Per TMZSports, the two planned this, with insemination happening soon after the wedding. That would mean she’s really early in her pregnancy. Because my next question might have been wondering if that was what they were arguing over last April. :shrug:

Congratulations to the couple.