To & Ochocinco: Ready to take over your Sunday Nights

Clearly I have an affinity for VH1 and Sunday nights. Just as I thought my addiction was coming to an end. I was reminded that Terrell Owens & Chad OchoCinco are ready to step up and take over.

Sadly last week Chad OchoCinco was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars (let’s be real, I lost interest after about the 3rd episode, I just waited for him to “tweet” his status on the show.

Now it’s time for the main event!!! VH1 Sports (wait I just made that name up, should I try to trademark it or something?) Coming this summer: The TO Show & The Perfect Catch

Hopefully Terrell will get on a team soon. Here’s an Ochocinco quote from twitter the other day:
Yeah… he gets it! A man with a plan is SO SEXY!!