Basketball Wives: Final Episode Sneak Peek

WOW! 8 Episodes wasn’t enough! I’m already starting to miss the foolishness!! Fortunately for us, Season 2 has been confirmed (I think I said that weeks ago but the official word is better) Production is scheduled to begin in Miami in July.

Until then here’s your sneak peek at Sunday’s episode the ladies continue their adventures in L.A. All of them wind up in the hot seat during a season-ending dinner conversation that ends with everyone in tears. Fireworks…

Gloria won’t be back for season 2… Shaunie’s a true L.A. Chick (I love it) Nice to see her finally participate. Next season just take the Executive Producer credit and Narrator, she is NOT an actual cast member.  In case you forgot, SHAUNIE IS STILL A P-I-M-P!!