The top 10 athlete groupies on Twitter, 2012 edition

Complex is back again with it’s list of top Twitter groupies. I am somewhat against this list for a few reasons. 1. I think groupies are a necessary part of the Sports world ecosystem. They provide a service (hold on, not that one… well some do but that’s not what I mean :giggle:) and 2. I feel the athletes are bigger groupies than some of the young ladies. But they have the money so.

Anyway, without further ado, The Complex Twitter groupie list:

10. Cassiie MeLinda

Player(s) Linked To: Glen Davis (NBA)

When Twitter groupies get linked to an athlete, they make damn sure to let the world know. This daliance started when MeLinda tweeted, “LETSSSS GOOOOO CELTICS!!<3.” It seemed harmless at the time, only standing out because everyone knew homegirl was clueless about sports. 

Cassiie MeLinda is a video vixen not a sports enthusiast. But she had the gossip blogs going H.A.M. when she referred to herself as the “real Mrs. Big Baby Davis,” which prompted a friend to call her “dick whipped.” Davis had a girlfriend at the time who was carrying his child.

Were the Complex writers following her before she had blogs going “ham” how do they know what her level for sports was? Anyway, as I always say Jocks, make sure you pick a chick that has something to lose if you’ve got a wifey at home. 

9. Valentino Sigemore

Player(s) Linked To: Le’Ron McClain (NFL)

Your favorite rappers talk about being hustlers but groupies like Valentino Sigemore a.k.a. Chelly Rozay are ’bout that life. She used her…uh, talent to get NFL fullback Le’Ron McClain so sprung that he didn’t even know Miss Rozay had taken his bank information until an officer informed him. McClain says he isn’t the only one to fall victim to this groupie. Whatever helps you sleep at night, fam.

Ok Jocks, here’s the thing, when procuring random kitty cat, always put ALL finanicial and home info in the hotel safe in your closet. only keep the essentials handy. I would think that would be obvious but…

8. Jessica Burciaga

Player(s) Linked To: Kobe Bryant (NBA); Lance Moore (NFL); Shawne Merriman (NFL)

Burciaga, a Playboy playmate and has also appeared in Maxim and Glamour. She wasn’t always famous, though. She was first rumored to be with Saints receiver Lance Moore, before tweets like the one above created rumors that something was on and poppin’ with Mr. Merriman. She must have heard about his nickname “Thump.” Ayo!

Burciaga recently earned her biggest headline when she was accused of being one of Kobe Bryant’s main mistresses. Both sides denied it (ya don’t say!)

See how Complex is emphasizing that she’s a playmate? That is GROUPIE behavior. Men are not exempt. Forget what you heard! I believe Jocks have the “me too: syndrome. “Oh you got that car?, ME TOO” or in this case “oh you dated that playmate, ME TOOOO” 

7. Gina Lynn

Player(s) Linked To: Mike Richards (NHL); A.J. Feeley (NFL); Ryan Howard (MLB); Scottie Upshall (NHL)

Athletes love porn stars.  Gina Lynn knows this and uses that along with other assets to “hang out” with ballers from Philly. She’s been seen with everyone from Phillies slugger Ryan Howard to former Eagles quarterback A.J. Feeley. Then there were the pictures of her hanging out in an apartment with a bunch of the Flyers.

See my above response and insert porn star for playmate…

6. Draya Michele

Player(s) Linked To: DeShawn Stevenson (NBA); Kenyon Martin (NBA); Kevin Durant (NBA); Bernard Berrian (NFL)

Before we get into her latest conquests, we have to give props to Draya. Sadly, many of the groupies from last year’s list have fallen off their game and one has even opted to “retire” (really, candy deepthroat? Really?). But not Draya.

Last year, we told you about Draya clubbing with Kenyon Martin and DeShawn Stevenson, and dating Kevin Durant. Since then, ma has stayed newsworthy by landing a spot on Basketball Wives: L.A. and has broadened her groupie horizons by trying out a new type of baller—NFL wide receiver Bernard Berrian. The two took a trip to Las Vegas in May 2011 and posted pics of their jolly good time. That’s sweet and all but since Berrian was released by the Minnesota Vikings last October and is yet to sign with another team, the vacation flicks have ceased.

Draya parlayed her “groupiedom” into a spot on Basketball Wives and even managed to come out looking like the rational sweetheart of the show. Again, I’d be willing to bet that there a more Jocks in pursuit than vice versa. 


5. Kim Kardashian

Player(s) Linked To: Reggie Bush (NFL); Miles Austin (NFL); Kris Humphries (NBA); Mark Sanchez (NFL)

How can we call a celeb like Kim K a groupie? Check the track record, fam. Since dating Reggie Bush in 2007, Kim has gone from one baller to another. Dallas Cowboys wideout Miles Austin got some run for a few months in 2010. Then there was the Kris Humphries 72-day marriage fiasco (she reportedly posted Kanye lyrics on Twitter to throw shots at Humphries).

If all that wasn’t enough, earlier this month rumors spread that she’s seeing Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. She’s reportedly gone full circle and has been spotted with Bush again. Kim shot those Sanchez rumors down but she still ranks among the best when it comes to scooping up pros (in a classy way, of course).

Deep sigh… they must have been running low on names. If you’re going to use Twitter or social media as the catalyst than you can’t include her because we all know she works via publicist. And two, if athletes can’t be considered groupies because of their funds, that sort of negates the point with Kim also, no? 

4. Sheneka Adams

Player(s) Linked To: Carmelo Anthony (NBA); Vince Carter (NBA)

Carmelo Anthony was still fresh into the married life with La La when video vixen Sheneka Adams  dropped an aerial assault last February. She claimed to be writing a book that would include tales of being Melo’s jumpoff.

Adams was already known for reportedly dating Vince Carteris and her sextape with Soulja Boy. On top of that she claims that Melo was the one who approached her in the club. Funny how she only knew Anthony was a respected baller AFTER somebody told her. #stepyourgameup

yeah, this one is on her own. I got nothing…. :giggle: sometimes it just is what it is. 

3. Kimmi Kennedy

Player(s) Linked To: Antonio Tarver (Boxing)

Last September, Kennedy claimed to have miscarried Tarver’s baby. Text messages, and pictures were leaked, including this one: “You already know what it is Antonio get my ticket, this isn’t the first time you flew me somewhere but you never made me go thru this. This shit is not cool. Stop being difficult book it yourself or transfer cash to my account & I will do it.”

Damn! So it’s safe to assume Kimmi had a role in Tarver’s divorce last summer.

See my answer above

2. Imogen Thomas

Player(s) Linked To: Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer), Matthew Collins (Soccer), Nery Castillo (Soccer), Jermain Defoe (Soccer), Ryan Giggs (Soccer)

How serious has Imogen’s groupie life been? Major. Her latest conquest, Manchester United player Ryan Giggs, attempted to get a gag order on U.K. media to stop any reporting of his affair with Imogen. He also sued Twitter for information about the situation that was outed on the site.

Imogen also had Twitter beef with Natasha Giggs (Ryan’s sister-in-law). She blasted Natasha for her own eight-year affair with Ryan. It’s also been reported that she’s been heavily pursued by Cristiano Ronaldo. She claims he would call her up to 20 times per day

1. Bibi Jones

Player(s) Linked To: Rob Gronkowski (NFL); Dan Uggla (MLB); Paul Bissonnette (NHL); and others

Last fall, Bibi Jones shot into the forefront of the groupie pantheon after showing affection for Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski. Gronk made the mistake of posting a picture of her wearing his jersey and she later posted nude pictures of herself on Twitter to “support” her new man.

When she saw the press explosion, she responded, “Espn, fox sports, msn, and etc. Damn! Didn’t know it was that big of a deal…I just can’t be kept away from athletes cock! (: .” We know Bibi. Gronk wasn’t your first stroll down Groupie lane.

According to Business Insider, an MLB agent would take Jones to bars after spring camps to impress and attract athletes. He wasn’t pushing her on dudes, either. She tried to get into the guys’ cups on her own. Hopefully that wasn’t the only protection they were using. 

Don’t sleep, a lot of agents use this method however, this sounds a tad more like the world’s oldest profession. But what do I know. I’m laughing at the debauchery from the sideline. 

To see more tweets from the ladies and a few more photos, make sure you head over to Complex. I’ll be in Orlando taking in the NBA All-Star activities where groupie levels are often thought to reach epic proportions. Maybe for the single or younger players. Most guys bring their families so if you’re looking to snag a Jock ladies, All-Star isn’t the best time. But have fun trying and be sure to send me any stories. I like to laugh too!  Oh and if you’re curious about last year’s list, go HERE