Lamar Odom’s dad Joe not gravely ill, he just had a tummy ache

Wednesday night with the Dallas Mavericks faced off against the Lakers. One former Laker was noticeably absent. Lamar Odom had some sort of team excused family emergency involving his father Joe who still lives in Los Angeles.

There were reports that Joe, a recovering drug addict, was gravely ill (or possibly having a relapse). Apparently the situation wasn’t quite that severe. Joe says he was only suffering from a stomach virus but appreciated his son rushing to be by his side.

 [Lamar] stayed with me all night … just kickin’ it and whatnot … but everything is good now I feel a lot better.” 

If you want my opinion- and I have to assume that you do because you’re here right! :giggle: Lamar is still unhappy in Dallas. No matter how they try to spin it. I can see the team and he agreeing to part ways at the end of the season. I believe he only has this year left on his contract. If not, maybe they could re-trade him back to the Lakers. They certainly could use his help.