The NFL’s Batman & Robin; Terrell Owens & Chad OchoCinco

Batman & Robin... I guess

The NFL season hasn’t even gotten underway and it’s already apparent the chocolate Boy wonders are going to be featured everywhere. The above twitpic was from a shoot today of the duo as “Batman & Robyn” Nice, now there will be more corny comic lines dropped on twitter.

Chad received a $25,000 fine today for tweeting during the 3rd quarter of a preseason game against the Eagles. I believe this is the game that he was rocked with a hit… that’s never fun.

The ratings for Chad’s VH1 dating show haven’t been all that great but I’m sure the Execs at VH1 have already started plotting out the next franchise it could role out with the 2. IF this little experiment works out.

I know they’re just trying to enhance their brands and that’s smart but is it to much to expect it to feel slightly natural. Some times it doesn’t seem like they’re simply having fun, it feels… well, scripted. Maybe I’m jaded.