OchoCinco’s Cereal Debut and New Love Interest

Number 85 is BUSY!! Obviously that whole professional football player thing takes up a lot of time but now there’s even MORE on OchoCinco’s plate or maybe bowl is a better description.  Ochocincos are headed your way. A honey nut toasted oat cereal that’s sure to bring out the Bengal in you! (get it? a benegal is a tiger and that was like THEE perfect cheesy morning cereal tag line… FINE, I thought it was funny)

Also, if you can’t catch up with 85 for breakfast or football just isn’t your thing, he’ll be back on VH1 Sunday nights this fall but NOT on his dating show. This time it will be as Evelyn Lozada’s boyfriend on Basketball wives (maybe she’s going to have to switch casts to Football wives now)

That bit of information shouldn’t be news to you as I dropped that little jewel on you back in July (oh you forgot, missed it, weren’t totally engrossed in the world of Jill? Here’s your FLASHBACK

Hope it lasts longer than some of his other Twitmances (twitter romances). VH1 is either elated or pissed that he’s ruined the last few episodes of his show. They really should be thrilled because IT SUCKS… oh did I mention it sucks?