The Good Fight’s Michael Boatman On Julius’ Challenges in S6

The final season of the Paramount + series, “The Good Fight,” began in September. Michael Boatman will reprise his role as former Julius Cain—a Black Republican and onetime supporter of Donald Trump.

I talked with Boatman during the AAFCA Roundtable series about Julius’ character arc over the course of six seasons and his greatest challenge in the final season of “The Good Fight.” Boatman shared that Julius will have to reconcile all of his early choices.

Wow, I think his greatest challenge really involves the confluence of all the things that have occurred for him throughout the show. From being exposed as the hidden Trump supporter, having been forced to reveal his political beliefs, but also struggling with the fact that, and this is something that I’ve even sort of tried to infuse in the character from “The Good Wife” days, which is a sense of fierce loyalty and devotion to, to the firm.

You can catch the entire AAFCA Roundtable discussion below.