Chanté Adams On Contemporary Topics in Prime Video Series “A League of Their Own”

Chanté Adams stars in the new Prime Video series, “A League of Their Own.” The series is based off of the 1992 film of the same named that starred Geena Davis, Tom Hanks and Madonna. Fwaturing all new characters, “A League of Their Own” taps into the true story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during a time when many of the teams were segregated.

Adams and executive producer Desta Tedros Reff sat down for a conversation with the African-American Film Critics Association to discuss the new series. I asked the two about adding contemporary elements to the series and what it’s like creating a character within those paramaters while still remaining authentic to the time period.

For Adams, being a midwesterner, she felt right at home in the role, in fact the actor was able to incorporate her own family’s history into Max’s backstory.

“This project was really special to me as a black Midwesterner myself. I got to dive deep into my family history and just kind of go at it from that perspective. I knew that it was going to be modernized to a certain extent, just because of the actors that have all banded together to do this project. But for me, personally, I wanted to dive into the era as much as I could from my family’s perspective.”

Adams provided examples, “we have Max’s house filled with pictures of my family. My dad is my family’s historian and was able to dig up photos from my family from the 1800s to the early 1900s. And just be able to use that, I felt like those people and those spirits were there with me on set every day. And that was super special.” 

Tedros Reff gave more details, “It’s specifically highlighted when you’re in the Chapman dining room. Any photos, those are her family and that it’s super special.” 

The executive producer went on to explain why the themes in the series feel current, “I think there’s modernity, in some of the language. But I think the reason why it feels so modern and timely is because fortunately, or unfortunately, a lot of the issues we’re dealing with are timeless issues. Those of race, women’s empowerment, and identity and queerness. I think that those are continuing struggles and conversations.”

Catch all eight episodes of “A League of Their Own” on Prime Video.