Surprise, “Basketball Wives LA” ratings in the toilet

I’ve been saying for weeks now that if Basketball Wives LA wants to keep people interested, the whole storyline about Jackie Christie against the group had to go. Clearly I’m not the only one who feels that way. During it’s first season, the LA version of the franchise averaged 2 million viewers per week. This season it’s down to half of that.

People aren’t interested in watching Jackie and her 17 weddings week after week. They’re apparently only interested in Gloria if she and Matt are battling the world and Draya being the picked on ex-stripper. Does this mean the show will get cancelled? Not necessarily, VH1 is the one Viacom network that is producing ratings and they have prime TV hours to fill until the return of “Love & Hip-hop” and “Basketball Wives Miami,” but they have GOT to address casting. Simply having had a bit of athletic goodness all up in your naughty bits is NOT going to cut it.

I told you this embellished beef between Brooke and Bambi isn’t entertaining. Changes have to be made, time for the producers to start thinking outside of the box.


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