Glen “Big Baby” Davis releases “turn up” song [audio]

Glen “Big Baby” Davis is known to be “turnt up” on the court. I guess he wanted to extend that to the dance floor. “Big baby” has a new song out and it’s clear he’s been bitten by the house/electronic bug. That’s not a bad thing but, this song IS.

Take a listen:


If you know me, you know that Deaudmau5 and Swedish House Mafia are among my favs right now so it’s not the genre, this sh*t just sucks. I mean I think that’s where he was trying to go. He is in Florida now, maybe Flo-Rida and PitBull were his inspirations. I don’t know, all I know is this is a NO. This is exactly why Stephen Jackson is talking about these NBA rap guys.


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