Stilettos On The Street: Your Favorite Jocks Out And About [Photos]


Some of your favorites Jocks spotted around town doing “Famous People Stuff”:


Dwyane Wade at Ocean Magazine’s Audi 7 launch event at The Collection

Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings and his girlfriend actress/singer/a bunch of other stuff, Teyana Taylor doing a little shopping. Brandon is rocking the Louboutin Louis suede studded sneakers and a HOT Vans pullover sweater while Teyana opted for a pair of Jordan III’s to complete her casual look.

Gabrielle Union hit the red carpet for the premiere party of We networks’ Braxton Family Values. She looks lovely as always but I’m not feeling her outfit.

Kim Kardashian hits the gym. I checked, those are Sketchers she’s rocking. Word is, Kim is planning to move to New York (well really Jersey but it’s all the same) with boyfriend, Nets star Kris Humphries.

What’s that you say? Kris Humphries isn’t really a “star NBA player”. Look, he’s with a Kardashian, he is now! ::giggles::