Golfer John Daly’s Ex-Wife Sherrie Writes About How She Dealt With The Groupies She Caught With Him


Before the Tiger Woods scandal, who knew that golfers had groupies?! Pro golfer John Daly’s 4th ex-wife Sherrie has written a memoir titled, “Teed Off: My Life as a Player’s Wife on the PGA Tour.”

Some of the details she provides of her life with the golfer are right up there with the sordid Tiger Tales.  John has a history of Alcohol abuse, gambling addiction and of course, cheating.

Sherrie goes into detail about subjects such as a woman in Memphis she refers to as the “Secret of the Sixteenth Hole.” I guess she had a fondness for men who mastered their stroke at that hole on the Southwind golf course green. She would charge $300 for a blow job in the bushes… ok ::blank stare::
But the story that had me in shock was not necessarily about the groupies actions; it was how Sherrie went about dealing with one in particular:
And all Elin did was take the money and bounce… to be fair, I have to mention that Sherrie Daly was also accused of attacking John with a steak knife in 2007 (hmmmm I wonder if it was like Elin’s famous 9 iron swing on Thanksgiving) and she spent 5 months in prison on money laundering charges.

You think she’s trying to secure a spot on the Golf Wives reality show?

Yuck, ladies there has GOT to be a limit! ::giggles::