Stilettos On The Street: ESPN The Magazine’s NFL Pre-Draft Party [Photos]

ESPN The Magazine held it’s 8th annual Pre-Draft party Wednesday night in New York at Espace. In attendance were Jets CB Darrelle Revis, Eddie George, Ray Rice, Bengals Dhani Jones- in one of those ugly bow ties he happens to adore, Stephen A. Smith, a bunch of probable draft picks (Julio Jones, Patrick Peterson, Marcell Dareus, Prince Amukamara), a few retired players (Warren Moon, Eric Dickerson), a Smush Parker sighting and of course lots of  “models.” Quest Love of The Roots was responsible for setting the audio ambiance for the evening.

I do NOT watch college football so you’ll have to let me know what the expectations are for some of these guys.

A few interesting fashion selections for the evening, yes? But aren’t you excited there’s going to be football?