I Love Boys With Tattoos: Denver Nuggets JR Smith

The Denver Nuggets put up a decent fight but ultimately lost to the Thunder in 5 games. 6th man JR Smith was a big part of the Nuggets Game 4 come back and he almost performed the same feat in Game 5 but Kevin Durant took over and that kids was a wrap.

JR is BLASTED with tattoos. Some are touching and honor his family, some are just dumb (really, who thought it was a good idea for you to get Young Money tatted on your neck. You aren’t even signed to the label) and lastly, guys you never know if you’re going to have to change your number in the pro league so I’d advise against getting it permanently inked.

JR has his first pro number when he was with the Hornets, 23 tatted on his back. When he was traded to the Nuggets, 23 was taken (cause it’s like the most popular number right!) so, he went with #1. He then proceeded to add a tatt with that. But then guess what happened, Chauncey Billups arrived in Denver and the Vet wanted his number. So now, Smith rocks #5.  I still see a few spaces of skin left, I’m sure he can add a few more tatts to the equation.


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