Stephon Marbury doesn’t want to pay $300K to Ex-mistress

I’m curious to see the outcome of this case. Former NBA player Stephon Marbury has said he’s not going to pay his former mistress Thurayyah Mitchell the remaining $300,000 he owed her as part of their confidentiality agreement related to their 2006 affair.

Marbury paid $600,000 but stopped paying in 2010. Thurayyah Mitchell filed court docs back in October in an attempt to collect the funds.

Marbury is trying to flip the judgement arguing that her filing the judgement broke their agreement and he doesn’t have to pay her anything…

According to Marbury, the documents violated the confidentiality agreement because they were filed publicly rather than under seal.

So the fact that had Steph simply held up the original terms he probably wouldn’t have been sued therefore the agreement wouldn’t have been breached… But that’s too much like right.