Stephen Jackson choked up ex-NBA player Steve Francis in a Houston club [video]


Stephen Jackson AKA Stak 5 is one of the REALEST in the NBA. If you ever doubt that, pull up footage from the Malice at the Palace or listen to any interview where he talks about being a soldier ready to go. Stephen was recently performing at a club and former NBA player Steve Francis was in the building as well. Not sure what started it but at some point Stak 5 and Stevie Franchise got into it and Jackson grabs Francis up by the throat.

The action starts at the 25:30 mark. The language is NSFW

Did you see Francis’ face after they got Stak off of him? He looked like he wanted to cry. There have been concerns about Francis’ health in recent years with an alcohol addiction alleged to be the problem. Steve ended up being placed in hand cuffs by what looked like security.

Stak 5 did say he’s the trillest in the NBA, $70 million and it still don’t stop.

I interviewed Jackson last summer and we discussed why he keeps it 100 no matter the circumstance, you can check that out here.


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