Lamar Odom update: a new mistress speaks out & a paparazzi lawsuit


It’s that time once again, to get you caught up on all things Lamar Odom. The latest twist and turns to the Odom soap opera cover Lamar living in downtown LA, finally speaking out on the allegations that he’s addicted to drugs and another woman stepping forward claiming to be one of his mistresses. Let’s dig in, shall we.

TMZ has been trailing Lamar, spotting him at a downtown area hotel, clocking when he left the premises, – on foot- when a friend showed up to pick him up and finally out at a sushi spot in the Valley where LO said he doesn’t have a drug problem and wanted to let his fans know he loves them.

While that was taking place, LO’s “mistresses” continue to talk to the media, taking full advantage of their 15 minutes of fame. No concern that it’s come about because of alleged drug addiction. While one mistress- Paulina the lawyer – said she watched him do crack while he spent a few weeks living with her. Another woman has come forward claiming she and Lamar have had a 10-year relationship and that she was with him the night he met Khloe Kardashian.

Twenty-nine-year-old graduate student Sandy Schultz claims she met Lamar in 2003 at a West Hollywood club named “Studio One.” Keep in mind that would’ve been when Lamar was engaged to his children’s mother, Liza.

Over the next two years, she claims, the couple “dated solidly … and then on and off for seven years after that.”

“I was very much in love with him,” Schultz reveals. “I loved his openness and his sexuality. My nickname for him was ‘Lam Lam,’ and to hear Khloe calling him that now is like a dagger through my heart.”
By 2006, however, Odom had yet to propose, so Schultz left the country and became engaged to another man. When Schultz returned to the U.S. the next year, however, it was as if nothing had changed.
“Our feelings for each other had remained so strong,” Schultz says, revealingthat the couple made love at his Manhattan Beach home. “It didn’t bother him that I was engaged to someone else.”
Her fiancé wasn’t too pleased about her dalliance, however, and Schultz broke off her engagement to be with Odom in late spring of 2009. But their happiness would be short-lived.

Once there, Schultz says Khloe made a beeline for her man. “We were sitting at our table having drinks,” she recalls. “I got up to go to the bathroom and when I returned, Khloe had taken my seat next to Lamar. She didn’t move, so I sat in his lap.” Schultz left early because she was tired, but says that Odom never came home.

She goes on to claim Lamar left with Khloe that night and that Khloe knew she was his girlfriend… Karma huh girlfriend, you lose them how you catch them. The funny thing about this, Lamar had another steady girlfriend during this same time period named Lara Manoukian- yes she too favors Khloe, Liza etc. He has a type. She spoke out in a leaked phone conversation right after Khloe and Lamar were married about their relationship. You can check those deets HERE.

Schultz claims Lamar hit her up again in 2012 when he was in the Bay area to play the Warriors. She said Lamar asked her to fly up but said he couldn’t purchase her ticket because Khloe clocks his credit card purchases and he would give her the cash when she arrived. Ultimately he ended up leaving her in the hotel without saying goodbye and having the bellman give her an envelope with $800.

And lastly, the Paparazzi that Lamar went nuts on a few months ago has decided to sue LO for $500K.

Really Sir, you’re blaming the Kardashians and Kanye West? SMH. Once again, it bears repeating that the hope is that Lamar gets his life on track.
Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian is somewhere being “unbothered” but still rocking her wedding band.