Snoop Dogg Has Strong Words For Michael Vick Critics


Snoop Dogg is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. The team recently signed Michael Vick as a back up QB. With an injury last week to starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Vick is now hoisted into the job.

But some fans still can’t move beyond Michael Vick’s 2007 dog fighting conviction. He’s done his his time in jail, apologized several times, and has done work for animal rights,  but some still feel as if its not enough.

Snoop has a message for those fans:

“I love Vick. Before he got to the Steelers. I loved him when he caught the case, [and] after he caught the case. Mistakes are made to be made. I mean, he did his time. What y’all gonna do hold it over his head forever?”

He continued, “It’s over with. He’s been punished, he’s been banned from the league, he came back, he’s on the good foot, he ain’t been around dogs, he ain’t do nothing like that.”

“He’s been about the positivity and that’s what’s wrong with people. We always judge people about what we did as opposed to what we’re doing. I love him to death whether he’s a Steeler or not. He’s a friend of mine.”

I’m with you Snoop. It’s time for people to move on.

In other Snoop news:

AOL and Snoopadelic Films announced the creation of a new original video series directed by and starring the Doggfather, which will focus on his work as a coach in the SYFL—Snoop Youth Football League. Now in its 11th year, the Snoop Youth Football League serves low-income youth between the ages of five and thirteen, and has helped propel several players—including Denver Broncos RB Ronnie Hillman and Kansas City Chiefs RB De’Anthony Thomas—to the NFL. Debuting later this year, the eight episode series will follow SYFL players and coaches as they travel across the country to compete against rival teams.