Should Lala be concerned about Carmelo Anthony’s cute female assistant?

Lala’s Full Court Life‘s second season kicked off on Monday night. The first episode asked the question, is ok to have an attractive woman work with your Jock significant other. Radio personality Charlamagne felt Lala was providing Carmelo Anthony with an alternate for those times when she wasn’t available by hiring Asani (that’s Melo’s cute female assistant)

I hate that line of thinking. First and foremost, the world is filled with attractive people. If someone wants to cheat, attractive or not, they will find a way. I applaude Lala for  putting her faith in the man she took vows with. It’s unfair that it’s always assumed an attractive woman that works in sports is only there to try to pick up on athletes. It also reeks of insecurity in my opinion, when a woman in a relationship is putting the fidelity of her mate in the hands of someone she doesn’t know.


Your man is the one that owes it to YOU to say faithful to a relationship. Kudos to Lala for understanding that concept and not letting it cloud her judgement.