Shelly Sterling tries to have V. Stiviano arrested for hanging out with Donald at home


There is an old saying, **kitty** is undefeated. Seems as if that could be applied to former Clippers owner Donald Sterling. It’s only been six months since Sterling’s world was turned upside down following the leak of a recorded conversation between he and his “assistant” V. Stiviano.

Sterling’s estranged wife Shelly is still pissed off at Stiviano. So much so, that Shelly recently tried to have Stiviano arrested for breaking and entering when she learned V and Donald were meeting up at their Beverly Hills home.


We’re told Shelly Sterling got wind of Donald and V.’s tryst … and believed Stiviano must have broken into the house. Our Sterling sources tell us Shelly called Bev Hills PD immediately and reported a break-in.

We’re told police officers responded … and spoke to Donald and Stiviano. One source tells us V. was an “invited” guest, so … no break-in, and no arrests. 

Shelly has been trying to rid herself of V. for quite awhile. She sued her earlier this year claiming she tricked Donald into signing over a $1.8 million duplex to her.
Sorry Shelly, Donald just likes it. And since divorce doesn’t seem to be a real option for the two, I’d say Shelly needs to learn to love it.