Floyd Mayweather Jr. shocked woman doesn’t know who he is in London [video]


Saying Floyd Mayweather Jr. is cocky, is an understatement. That extreme belief of self, is what makes him an undefeated champion. But, it also means he can have moments of being a pure a$$hole. We’ve seen that spill out on occasion.

So what happens when Floyd is in London and comes across a Jamaican woman whose never heard of him? Shock and dismay on Floyd’s end when the woman says she likes “big fights with excitement”


Floyd asked her if she had a TV, and told her to Google him… She’s heard of Mike Tyson though.  One of my favorite moments, when he asked her if she’s heard of “Forbes”

“The Money Man. He takes 60 minutes and makes 100 million in 60 minutes.”


spotted at LBS