Shelly Sterling Calls Off Divorce From Donald Sterling

A woman scorned can come back and flip the entire game on you. That’s what happened with former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his estranged with Shelly Sterling.

After Donald’s racist views and side chick chronicles were released to the world, Shelly took action; she sold off the Clippers for a billion dollars, successfully sued Donald’s sidechick, V. Stiviano for $2.6 million which included all the gifts he gave her – down to the Victoria’s Secret panties – and filed for divorce from Donald.

But now Shelly Sterling has decided that she wants to stay married to Donald and has called off the divorce. TMZ obtained court documents that show she has asked the judge to throw out the divorce papers. Donald Sterling didn’t contest it, so the judge signed off on Shelly’s request immediately.

Game, set, match.