Shannon Brown’s Wife Monica On Their Relationship, Pregnancy Rumors and More [Video]

Lakers star Shannon Brown’s wife Monica appeared on the Wendy Williams show. In the interview, Monica dishes on how the couple met, clears up the pregnancy rumors and explains why she and Shannon didn’t reveal their marriage.


On How She Met Shannon
For me, I’m very spiritual and I believe we have our own plans and God has another. So I decided it would just be me and my kids. But remember me explaining to you “I’ll just be by myself”? Sometime , I think I see a little too much because of what I do. I see what the men do when the wives are at home; the whole nine yards. So I was like “I’ll be alone; works for me! I already have kids.” I go to work one day and we we’re shooting the “Love All Over Me,” which was right after I left here. I was here promoting “Everything To Me” and “Love All Over Me” was the next single. I go into the video shoot and he walks in, of course, he’s so easy on the eye but even after that it was the way he treated other people.

I’m a southern girl and I like southern hospitality; I like for people to be a certain way and I don’t like egos. So the fact that he was speaking and he was talking to camera men, he was walking around, he was doing his own thing and [he was also] very relaxed. Then he started talking…

We met on the video and I always say we had one long date that’s gone on for almost two years now because we’ve been married a year as of last week. We dated about six and half months before we married.

On being married secretly
Actually, we did it Justice of the Peace style. It wasn’t so much that it was a secret; we just didn’t make an announcement, which is the new way for everything.

On if her family and friends were upset
They all knew; they helped us prepare because we had to bring the Justice of the Peace to our house. We promised; I am my mother’s first born; he is his mother’s first born and then our mothers are very close, so there was an unspoken “So when are we all celebrating?” type of thing going on. So we just decided that after the season they were fighting to get a 3-peat [we would get married because] we didn’t want to cause distractions during the season. That was really the real reason. I said, “Okay, we’ll make a date.” Shannon picked July 9th and that is when we did the actual ceremony.

On if she’s pregnant
No, I’m not. This is the thing though, I don’t even know where that came from and we would love to be and we practice regularly. So it’s not a big deal.

With so many couples looking to make their pairings media fodder, I can appreciate Shannon and Monica making the decision to keep their marriage under wraps so as not to be a distraction. Everyone knows there’s always “something” going on in Laker land so a couple taking the quiet lane is a rarity. We’ll see what Shannon decides to do when the season officially gets underway on December 9th.

As for Shannon and Monica, the couple just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary and seem madly in love! I LOVE, Love!

Did I mention I can’t wait for the NBA season?