Kris Humphries Wants An Annulment From Kim Kardashian Granted Based On Fraud

If you believe the rumblings that Kris Humphries is planning to sue Kim Kardashian for damages related to their 72-day marriage. Then the fact that Kris is seeking an annulment based on fraud makes a lot of sense. Kris filed the annulment in Los Angeles today (Wednesday, November 20th) almost a month to the day of Kim’s original divorce filing. Citing “nullity of voidable marriage” and “fraud” as the basis of his request.

If an annulment is denied, Humphries wants a legal separation as opposed to a divorce. Kim has already started spin-mode. “Friends” have leaked the information that Kim actually wanted to file for an annulment but was told legally, divorce was her only option. Under California law, someone can annul a marriage if there’s proof of impotency, incest, bigamy, unsound mind, force or fraud.

But, FRAUD Kris? I’m still lost as to what he couldn’t see. Let’s see how THIS plays out.

Curtsy to TMZ