San Diego Police Want To Speak With Kobe Bryant Over An Alleged Altercation In Church

For some fans, seeing Kobe Bryant out in the streets is equilvilent to bumping into Michael Jackson in the 80’s at the local 7-11. It’s just not something that’s a regular occourance. And in this day and age of the cell phone picture, people think nothing of snapping a quick flick to document the moment.

Kobe is being accused of reacting to one of those moments…allegedly. Per the Los Angeles Times, San Diego police are interested in speaking to Mamba regarding an incident that took place on Sunday in a Church:

San Diego police are investigating an allegation that Lakers star Kobe Bryant was involved in altercation with a man at local church, according to a news report by KCBS-TV Channel 2.

The incident occurred Sunday at St. Therese of Carmel Church in Carmel Valley, when Bryant allegedly grabbed a cellphone from the man who sustained an injury to his wrist, according to the report.

Bryant reportedly thought the man was taking photos of him and his wife but saw no photos after inspecting the phone.

I’m sure the incident will be cleared up rather quickly. Sounds like a misunderstanding that a few dollars and an autographed jersey or tickets to a game can clear up.