Basketball Wives Season 3 Reunion Special Part 1 Recap

Part 1 of the reunion special for Basketball Wives season 3 aired on Monday night. As expected, the ladies left of us with a few quoatables and “is she serious” moments. Let’s get right into it.

Meeka and the earrings:

This altercation was HILARIOUS. I’m rolling with Evelyn on this one. Meeka stepped onto the show rocking Poparzzi earrings. If her friend convinced her that she was designing these especially for her, she tricked Meeka. But honestly, it was pretty obvious from the moment Meeka appeared on the show that she was a fan of the first two seasons. Knockoffs in fashion are common but this whole altercation, was still funny!


Shaunie looks embarrassed. I noticed she didn’t say two words in part 1. Reverting back to her puppet master status from the first season I suppose. ::snaps fingers:: SECURITY in my Evelyn voice.  ::giggles::

Since we’re here, let’s just stay on Meeka. While I believe Meeka has another side to her personality And, may even be a nice person. She stepped into this situation wrong. That’s all there is to it.  She didn’t give anyone give her a chance to get to know her.

For me, while Meeka has some valid points, saying she’s rich etc. etc… Meeka wanted to be on this show and, apart of “The Circle.” So it would APPEAR, that even with all she has she still wasn’t satisfied and felt she could get SOMETHING from this association. I don’t know who the “winner” is in those two scenarios but that’s what it comes down too.

If I had to pick a line of the night, Evelyn: “B***h, you ain’t IN the circle”. It was funny, judge me if you need to.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at part two and of course, my recap!

If you missed my sneak peek of the show, check a few of my observations:

  • Let’s talk hair for a quick second. Royce looks great with black hair but, I’m not mad at the change up. Did she add a track or two? Looks like Jenn did as well.

I’m with it as long as it looks good. Tami’s weave…………. Shaunie’s hair was fire!

  • I’m sorry I may be in the minority but, I believe Royce cares about “the circle’s” opinion of her. While she may not be in “Gucci” it does appear that she’s attempting to step up her fashion game. Maybe the timing was just coincidence.
  • While it looks like Meeka is making a valid point. She obviously was an avid watcher of the first two season. She rushed in on the show trying to insert herself into Evelyn and Jen’s good graces by coming at Royce and Tami sideways from the gate. So for me, posturing after you were denied membership into “the circle” feels a little hollow. You were supposed to walk in with that game plan. In the first few episodes she was comparing herself to Evelyn… That can’t be your strategy.