Ron Artest Caught Sexting With Another Woman?

When Ron Artest took to Twitter this afternoon, I thought he was just engaging in yet another of his random rants. But soon after, Deadspin posted details of an alleged “sexting” relationship Ron was having with a young lady. For reasons that have yet to be disclosed, the female decided that people needed to see the exchange she and Ron were having… along with the photos he sent. ::Blank Stare::

The women is not seeking payment so who knows what the real motivation behind this is. Ron’s wife Kimisha will be making her debut on Basketball Wives: L.A. next month, somehow I’m sure this story or something close to it will find it’s way into the storyline. For now, check the Deadspin story:

I called Ron Artest shortly after two this afternoon, for the second time. I wanted to talk about dong shots, and a story we’re running Monday about a girl with whom he had a sexy-texting relationship. She wrote for us about the bizarre comedy of texting with Ron Artest. She didn’t ask us for money, nor did she ask Ron for pictures of his dick. But hey, we wanted to hear his side of the story.

He picked up, and, after I identified myself, he denied that Ron Artest was speaking, even though I recognized his voice from the day before.

To clarify, we didn’t pay for the story, or the pictures, which are awfully fleshy. Again, no one ever asked Ron for any money, save for some romantic overtures—long before Deadspin got involved—about a very nice dinner in OKC.

We just wanted to talk to him about the phenomenon of athletes picking up girls on Twitter, and developing cellphone relationships. But he told us on Thursday that it couldn’t possibly have been the case with him.

Metta World Peace is certainly going to be needed at home if this stuff is true. Kimsha looks like she’ll stab a chick. :shrug: You’ve thought it too!!