Lala’s Full Court Life Teaser [Video]

VH1 certainly seems to be the reality home for Jocks and their “lady loves.” August 22nd Lala Vasquez-Anthony’s reality show makes it’s season 2 debut. This season there’s a new name, Lala’s Full Court Life.

After seven years of dating, three years of being engaged, and 3 ½ years of raising their son together, NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony and TV personality La La Vazquez finally tied the knot

This season we follow La La as she transitions from her relatively sleepy life in Denver to the hustle and bustle of New York City when Carmelo is traded to the Knicks. She must negotiate all the stresses that any move brings while keeping her brand new marriage and young son a top priority. Add to all of this La La’s acting career, which is just picking up steam as she attempts to transition from humble host to Hollywood hotshot. But despite her and Carmelo’s respective successes and an A-list lifestyle that keeps them in the company of some of the biggest celebrity names such as 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland, and Serena Williams, they remain a down-to-earth couple who have never forgotten where they’ve come from. Open and always willing to be real, La La uses her honesty, charm, and sense of humor to deal with the genuine ups and downs of her Full Court Life

I like Carmelo and Lala. They seem like a real chill, laidback couple who have a nice balance between his success and her career. I like that she offers another POV of a successful woman who also happens to be married to an athlete. At least VH1 shows you both signs of the coin.