Retired NBA player Keyon Dooling shares his story of sexual abuse with Katie Couric [video]

Retired NBA player Keyon Dooling has recently come out and discussed being sexually molested as a child. He appeared on Katie Couric’s talk show, “Katie” to recount how the abuse began and what’s he doing now to combat the situation. Keyon’s abuse began when he was 5-years old at the hands of one of his brother’s friends.


Dooling spent time in a mental health facility last summer after signs of hallucinations and related issues brought on by a form of post-traumatic stress disorder began to surface. Which ultimately led to his abrupt retirement from basketball.

Keyon brought up a good point. Having a conversation with children how to protect themselves from sexual predators are difficult. At what age, and in what context to bring it up are all difficult situations to work through.

My prayers are with the Dooling family as they work through this and use his story to encourage and inspire others to seek help. It takes so much courage to be open about sexual abuse. But, if their openness helps or protects just one child, it’s worth it.