Fashion Glance: Dwyane Wade in painted on Gucci slacks [photo]

Dwyane Wade will probably be the subject of quite a few of my “Fashion Glances.” One, because he clearly loves fashion and two because people usually have a strong reaction to his choices. Case in point, LeBron James posted this photo of DWade to Instagram last night following Heat vs. Rockets- the Rockets had this one but Jeremy Lin launched a 20 foot airball and the Heat prevailed, 113-110- Lebron felt DWade took it to far with his painted on trousers. Much like his fitted sweats from last week.

Per his stylist Calyann Barnett, the Shirt is Dolce&Gabbana, the Pants are Gucci and the Shoes are Deltoro.

So the question, are we feeling his look?