Ray Rice says he deserves a 2nd chance in the NFL [video]


Ray Rice spoke with Matt Lauer on The Today Show Tuesday. One of the topics Rice attempted to explain why he should receive a second chance in the NFL

“One thing, I would think they would have to be willing to look deeper into who I am and realize me and my wife had one bad night, and I took full responsibility for,” Rice said. “One thing about my punishment is I accepted it. I went fully forward with it. I never complained. I never did anything like that. I took full responsibility for everything that I did. The only thing I can hope for and wish for is a second chance.”

He also touched on the Ravens instructing them on what to say at the press conference in May.

“The reason why that press conference was the way it was is because we were still under legal situations,” Rice said. “So, there wasn’t much that could be said. I’ll be honest. We were nervous. I was nervous. It was the first time that we were available to speak and I made a horrendous mistake not apologizing to my wife.

“When we were going in we were given what to speak about. It wasn’t truly coming from us, if you can understand.”

Isn’t that the whole reason why there are PR departments? To craft statements, in both good moments and times of crisis? I know this has been a sticking point for some, but this could go either way in my opinion.

Ray said Janay apologized to help him, because of his job. She mentioned in part one of the interview that she viewed herself as Ray’s protector.


Rice also said he just wants his life back, he thinks everyday about their daughter seeing the video in the future.