Kenny Smith explains why Charles Barkley’s opinions on Ferguson don’t matter


Charles Barkley is highly entertaining and highly opinionated. His comments on the recent events in Ferguson weren’t surprising to me. Barkley has always been “conservative” and to the right with his views. His “Inside the NBA” co-host, Kenny Smith, penned an open letter to Chuck, that also reminds us why we shouldn’t care about Charles Barkley’s views on topics outside of basketball.

“…what I consistently find interesting is how writers and media members view your insights in politics, and now race relations, with the same reverence as your insights in sports.

They did it in the Trayvon Martin trial and now with Mike Brown and the decision in Ferguson. It’s not that you shouldn’t ever have an opinion, but you are often quoted alongside the likes of Al Sharpton and even President Obama. I would hope that Sharpton or President Obama would never be referenced with you when picking the next NBA Champs!

The body of work that our Black Civil Rights leaders put in by planning, executing and activating does not justify you being in the conversation. While your body of work on the court very few compare to nor should be mentioned when you are giving your expert analysis.”

Smith also shared his thoughts on the frustrations of the black community and law enforcement plus, what he believes the disconnect is between Chuck and the protestors.

What is fascinating to me, is that people assume just because you value someone’s opinion on one topic, you will automatically agree with their opinions elsewhere. People are complicated, you have to learn to make the best of what they offer and move on from the rest. In case you get confused on that thought process, keep Chuck’s old 90’s Nike commercial, “I am not a role model.”

Kenny and Chuck hosted a Nike launch event for Kyrie Irving in New York on Wednesday.