Rapper Consequence spills old deets Kim Kardashian cheating on Reggie Bush with Kanye West [video]


Since most athletes want to be rappers, and most rappers think they could be professional athletes, there’s always potential for the two worlds to collide. Or at least for their names to end up intertwined in some drama. Case in point, rapper Consequence is spilling old dirt about Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush.

Amber Rose said that Kanye and Kim were creeping around while Kim and Reggie Bush were dating too, calling Kim a “homewrecker.” Consequence confirmed that he was in fact Kanye’s wing man in that whole operation. Con said he was Ye’s confidant and hotel runner for his liason with Kim. Why is he spilling all the dirty deets years later? Consequence is a current cast member of “Love & Hip-Hop NY” as well as a former contributing “ghost” writer for West. Apparently Consequence feels Ye still owes him a few coins for work and that lead to the revelation.

Fast forward to the 4:55 mark to get the whole scoop.



Kanye has gone after a photographer for mentioning Reggie being in the vicinity to Kim, I wonder how he’ll react to his ex friend spilling dirty deets. I know Kris Humphries is sitting somewhere thinking, “Me too, Reg.”


photo via Instagram