Knicks JR Smith drops a Kanye West-Kim Kardashian reference on Nets Kris Humphries


Knicks star JR Smith is highly entertaining. You can count on JR to do something that will amuse the masses. The Knicks and Nets faced off against each other on Monday, the Nets took this one, 88-85  in the Battle of the Borough rivalry.

JR took to Twitter later  to address a Tweet from Nets back up center, Kris Humphries who said The Garden was on hushmode when the Nets left the building. JR sonned Humphries with a Kanye West-Kim Kardashian reference.




That was great! Kris had 11 and 13 off the bench, JR added 16 points for the Knicks.

Oh one more thing for Kris, Give Kim the divorce!!!