Rams Star Steven Jackson Gives Fans The Opportunity To Work Out With Him

As the NFL lockout continues to roll along, the players have found some interesting ways to keep themselves occupied. Rams RB Steven Jackson has garnered a lot of praise for his web series “A week in the life” which gives fans an inside look at what happens AFTER game day on Sunday.

The Pro Bowler has decided to go one step beyond and give a lucky fan the opportunity to work out with him in St Louis for a weekend. Check out how you can enter to win The Workout Like Me, Workout With Me contest:

Also, if you haven’t checked out his webs series, do yourself a favor and watch! Especially if you’re a football fan! Watching the amount of preparation athletes go through for our entertainment is amazing. Here’s a look at the trailer. You can find the entire series plus more information about the contest on Steven’s website, SJ39

Ladies, you can win too. He’s single… just throwing that out there.