Deshawn Stevenson Claims He Wasn’t Intoxicated The Night Of His Arrest [Video]

Mavericks star Deshawn Stevenson has stated that not only was he not drunk when he was arrested on Tuesday night for public intoxication, he feels that he was arrested based on his appearance.

Stevenson maintains he was partying at a friend’s apartment and was searching for his phone in the parking lot when officers approached him.

He said he was lucid and that he told police he was not drunk or driving, but that they arrested him anyway.

“They just put me in handcuffs for no reason,” Stevenson said. “Just for winning the championship and getting accused of something that you had nothing to do with, it hurts.”

Stevenson, a large man who sports several tattoos, including on his face and neck, speculated that officers profiled him based on his appearance.

“A lot of people get stereotyped. If you see a person like me walking down the street — not in my suit attire — in my average attire, it kind of looks suspect,”

I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in between. I have a hard time believing that the officers would knowingly take in ANY Maverick two days after they won the NBA title unless something was pretty off. TMZ (of course) obtained the audio from the 911 call. It seems to be pretty much in line with the account given by the officers.

We’ll see what happens with this situation. Deshawn should utilize the buddy system for further celebrations related to the title. That way he has a friend that can alert everyone that he’s a champion!

Mavericks’ DeShawn Stevenson Denies Public Intoxication Allegation: