Police felt victim in alleged Nick Young sexual assault story was lying


Listen, I know that women take on a lot of blame, even in some legit rape cases. Obviously that’s wrong. But there are some women that will fake a sexual assault for financial gain. More details have come out about the rape allegation against Nick Young. The reported victim did in fact go to police with her claims, but was immediately shut down by law enforcement, as they felt her story didn’t make sense. In addition to that, per TMZ she was thinking of a financial settlement from the time she came to report the incident.

The story wasn’t making sense when I read the initial description, but you can file a civil suit as the threshold for proof is usually lower than a criminal case. That could explain why almost two years later she’s filing a civil suit. Still waiting on all the details of the case to make a full judgement, however it seems that a quick settlement- should it make it that far- will result if the officers opinions are any indication.