Former NFL safety Roy Williams wants you to know he’s not the subject of Kelly Rowland’s new single “Dirty Laundry”


Kelly Rowland has a new album, “Talk A Good Game” coming out in June. On Wednesday “Dirty Laundry,” a new single from the album was released and the content of the song has sparked a bit of controversy. In the written by Kelly and Producer The Dream, Kelly airs out her own dirty laundry, she discusses being envious of Beyonce and how a man in her life was physically abusing her as well.

Speculation went rampant as to who that person could be and many assumed it was her ex-fiance and former NFL safety, Roy Williams. Well Roy took to Twitter to let everyone know that it was not him that Kelly is referencing in the song.


Well, I had a bit of insight into the situation and in something I probably should have DM’d  to ask, I tweeted to Roy and he in turn responded.


Whoever the person Kelly was referencing in the song, I doubt she’ll reveal that bit info. But people will speculate and I suppose that was the other intent, to create a buzz.

Check out the song below, it’s actually a nice song with really deep lyrics. I hold a great deal of respect for individuals who are willing to open up and reveal themselves. To lay out their not so pleasant truths or “dirty laundry” and welcome the public scrutiny is brave in my opinion.