One On One With The Original Basketball Wife; Jackie Christie

Who can forget Jackie Christie, purse swinging coming for Rick Fox defending her husband Doug during those infamous Lakers vs. Kings playoffs. Or Jackie taking photos with Doug on a leash and their unique thoughts on love and relationships? I recently had the chance to speak with Jackie and ask her the thought process behind her actions, what new projects she’s working on and what’s next for her and her family.

Jill:  You are the original Basketball wife, when people think of ride or die chicks they think of you. How does that make you feel?

Jackie: It makes me feel good. I feel that being the wife of an NBA player is a sisterhood. Being someone that married 16 years ago almost 17. The media put a lot of emphasis on the wives and how we (Doug and I) treated each other so seeing the media take a 180 degree turn is really cool and that they’re talking more about the families and spouses in a positive light.

Jill: Do you think it’s a lot different now compared to when you and Doug were first starting out?

Jackie: When we first started out it was different, it was on TV, mass media; newspapers were reporting, word of mouth. Now it’s everywhere.  Me being a person that has always had my own stuff going on plus my husband, I think now the wives are having the opportunity to showcase more. With the Internet and other avenues that are open to them.

Jill: Do you think it makes them more of a target?

Jackie: I do, with any type of success or celebrity; the world looks at it with a bit of envy and jealousy. What I try to do with everything that I’m involved in; my books, clothing line, I do it not only to inspire and uplift, but  to hopefully educate. I do it in a fun way that people can relate to. If  you like reading women’s books. Advice, suggestions, and tips I have you covered. I do my best to turn a negative into a positive.

Jill: Over the years people have highlighted your relationship in a sort of negative way or focused only on your thoughts about female reporters interacting with players, etc. Do you think that fosters the belief that women can’t have a sisterhood?

Being honest, I met you a few years ago at a launch for one of your books  and then again last December. I was a little apprehensive to approach you based on everything that I heard in the past.  You were very nice once I finally  did which caught me off guard, based on the whole image I had of “Jackie Christie.”

Jackie: I really have to say thank you for giving me that feedback.  I appreciate what you are saying to me. Over the years I’ve found that a lot of the media that wrote negative stories in the past have reached out to me by phone, e-mail, MySpace whatever to apologize or wrote a follow up story about Doug and I.

I just want people to understand that yes I love my husband, yes my family means the world to me but I’m not this mean person that doesn’t want him to deal with females. I have daughters that look up to their mother. I have a son. They knew the truth.  I was just asked in an interview how I got through it and I told them, I kept God first no matter what. I knew one day the world would know that all I was doing was loving and protecting my family.

As far as females, I encourage ladies in the media. But I’ll be honest, back in the day there were some ladies that crossed the line. And it wasn’t just with Doug, it was with the whole team, they were disrespectful I stayed out of it, my husband handled it but the media assumed it was me.

That hurt my feelings quite a bit, but that was never the case. I was even cursed out behind it. That was the point when I said enough is enough and if that’s how you guys are going to behave now; then I am going to put my foot down and say that until you can be respectful, No you can’t deal with my husband or my family.

It was never the case where I didn’t want people to speak to Doug. I set up a lot of the interviews and if people had looked, they would’ve seen that he did interviews with quite a few female reporters. Pam Oliver etc. They singled me out and I don’t mind being the poster child for their abuse because ultimately it changed the look of the NBA as far as families go.

Before it was considered not cool to have your family and to be openly loving with them if you were a jock and that’s gone now.

Jill: I appreciate you clearing that up. I believe in women supporting each other and lifting each other up, so I really wanted to understand your thought process behind some of the boundaries you placed.

Jackie: It’s unfortunate that this became the perception. 80% of the media were great.  Tyra Banks is a good friend of mine and I told her when I was on her show how much that hurt my feelings.

Why try to tear each other down? They were never going to change who I am as a person, I was still going to love and protect my family. That’s my team.

Everybody has their team. As women we’re sisters and we should encourage and inspire each other. Let’s discuss the good that I’m doing out there. People didn’t discuss that 50% of our income (and that’s Doug’s and mine combined) was given out through our foundation, to help people. We don’t shop till you drop. But you know that’s why I believe I’m seeing the progress that I am now because I didn’t give up. I encourage women. Ignore the negativity, keep your head held high and you’ll see positive results. It’s just something that had to happen to get me to where I am now

Jill: Ok, let’s discuss current projects. “Jackie knows Best” is your web series, when will we be able to check it out?

Jackie: We are currently in production for it but it may be delayed a little because I’m working on another huge project and because that may interfere, it will probably launch after the summer. It will be me sharing tips and information; celeb interviews, inspirational women. A hub for everything. It’s going to be a go to destination. We’ve been developing it for about a year and a half. The first season will be 13 episodes and we’ll bump it up after that 22.

The other project that I am doing, I think it’s really important it will give me a voice and on top of all that I think people will get to see me as a persona and everything that I’m working on in detail.

::I think Jackie might be on season 3 of Basketball Wives but she didn’t confirm or deny, guess we’ll see in May right?::

Jill: Basketball wives the show, do you think there is any downside to the exposure?

Jackie: I think the only downside is when we can’t see both sides of the coin. To see all the stories; single girl, husband and wife and the families.; I think that’s important so you can understand the whole dynamic.

I want to tell the whole story but I don’t see it as a downside. Your heart will show. As long as you’re real there isn’t a downside.  It’s going to be published no matter. We live in a day and age with the Internet and TV, there aren’t really any secrets.

Jill: Your new book, it’s for couples and gaining better intimacy, yes?

Jackie: “Sexual Relations: A His & Hers Guide to Sexual Intimacy” It’s for couples and singles. Anyone who wants to find greater intimacy, I’ve always received a lot of e-mail and Doug as well through his site asking how we keep the marriage fresh. How we have been married for over 16 years and still have a wedding every year and It’s romantic.  In this day and age where divorce is the norm, what are you doing different. So, I decided to answer all the requests and share my secrets and learnings.  A lot of people assume if you’re just doing the basics, that’s all it takes.

Intimacy is one of the main ingredients to keep your relationship thriving. If everyone is satisfied and fulfilled, then you have less of a chance that your mate or you will go outside of your relationship to find it.

There are a lot of surprises in the book. I bring in different men and women to share their tips too.

Jill: When will it be out and where can people find it?

Jackie: It will be out this summer, July 8th available everywhere.

Jill: If you had to put together a kit or instruction manual for a young athlete’s wife or even girlfriend, what would it contain? A survival kit if you will to help them navigate that world?

Jackie: My new book, as well as the book that Doug and I wrote, Luv-pons. In it there are coupons you share with your mate but not the typical ones, it’s in-depth. Some people are shy, they aren’t always willing to open up and say “today I need lots of intimacy or a massage.” They tend to wait for their mate to read their mind. With my books, it helps that process. Especially with the Luv-pons one, you can leave one under your mate’s pillow or in the kitchen and it’s a sweet and fun way to connect with your mate.

After that, write down 5 things about your mate that you absolutely adore and love. And on the other side you write down 5 things you’d like them to work on. Notice I didn’t say change but work on. Because that’s another thing, when people start to feel that pressure, they get frustrated and give up but if you say, I’d like you to work on this and then you give me 5 things you’d like me to work on it becomes fun and you can help each other.

And lastly, a whole lot of love and your Bible. God knows everything and if your heart is in the relationship, God is going to be sure to foster that love.

The rest, you’ll grow together. Don’t build up any walls, if he likes golf; go learn how to play too. Even if you just ride in the cart with him. It’s sharing the experience together.

Jill: You traveled on the road with your husband and I recall reading that you had help with the kids. What advice would you give to someone who didn’t have that option?

Jackie: There’s no excuse, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Before my mom came to help. I took my kids with me. We would get a suite; leave the doors open, pull out couches etc. If you can’t go all the time try to at least go a couple of times.

My son for example is home schooled now. Doug home schools him.  So if he were still in the NBA him being school age wouldn’t be an issue. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Jill: Are you concerned about your daughter entering the entertainment business? And the things she’ll be exposed to?

Jackie: Not worried. My husband and I are her managers. We’re involved. She’s very grounded we have boundaries. People may think she has a sheltered life but you have to protect your family. That’s not something that’s of concern. She’s home schooled as well. She’s a United States Youth ambassador so she does a lot of stuff with the community and youth around the world. Her second album is coming out; she’s signing her own artists. She’s in a great place.

Jill: Are you looking for more projects, accepting outside projects? I know you have you’re production company, you’re an author etc.  Are the companies only for your family’s projects?

Jackie: People send me manuscripts all the time. If it’s not something that’s a good fit for our publishing company, “Intimate Love publishing” that we’ve published our 7 books though. I’d put them in touch with someone that it might be a fit for.

As far shows, for submissions, I’d ask that they send in a non-disclosure along with their pitch. We have a board so it will be reviewed.

Jackie also has a clothing line and a handbag line that debuted during LA Fashion week and her Black collection for 2011 was shown during All-Star weekend

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